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Dental Scaler

We at Zedar Technologies, Inc. have found that medical electronics, is a market in which our experience in the design, development and manufacture of micro-controllers based products would have a great impact. Therefore, as an introduction to medical electronics we have chosen the Z-4025 Ultrasonic Dental Scaler as our first product.
The Z-4025 Ultrasonic Dental Scaler is a micro-controller based system designed to provide the operator with an efficient and effective way of preventing, treating and controlling periodontal diseases. This piezo ultrasonic dental scaler allows the operator to control the power delivered to the tip of the unit by simply selecting it, from the level indicator in front of the unit and therefore adjusting the amplitude or range of the instrument's tip. Because this system operates at the ultrasonic frequency of approximately 30,000 CPS, they provide not only greater treatment efficiency but also increased patient comfort due to less resonation on the patient's teeth.       
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